• Piano lessons in Cologne: Singing teacher Lenny Pojarov will also teach you to sing!

Piano lessons

Piano lessons in Cologne

The piano has inspired the listener since its invention. Whether classical piano playing, jazz, or modern popular music: the piano captures every heart in a glance!

As an experienced and professional singer, pianist, and songwriter I offer piano lessons in the heart of Cologne. Regardless of your level of knowledge and your goals, I will work out a custom-fit and individual teaching program for you and your requirements.

My goal is to give you an understanding of the piano as one of the most powerful instruments in music.

My piano lessons are suitable for all age groups. From beginner to intermediate level, from young to old. Anyone can learn to play the piano and I will help you.

Arrange a trial lesson now and start learning piano today!

Services in piano lessons:

  • Piano lessons for beginners & intermediate level

  • Music styles: pop & classical music

  • Individual lessons of 60 minutes/unit

  • Music Theory

  • Pianistic playing movements

Learning piano with fun!

  • Song accompaniment

  • Interpretation

  • Harmonics

  • Form theory

  • Listening training