Booking Lenny Pojarov

Booking Lenny Pojarov

Lennylicious (Solo)

The unique live act for concerts, receptions, fairs, presentations and sophisticated balls

Lenny Pojarov’s incomparable, crystal-clear voice and soulful piano playing melt to create a rousing performance of the world’s most beautiful and popular R’n’B, soul, pop and house compositions.

First-class entertainment.
Down to earth, fantastically artistic.

Perfect for:

  • Concerts
  • Receptions
  • Trade fairs
  • Presentations
  • sophisticated balls

BONFIRE (LENNY + Guitarist)

Warming up acoustic duo:
Pure, honest and energetic

When two passionate musicians meet, magic is bound to happen. Lenny’s razor-sharp voice full of finesse and sensuality meets warm and rhythmic guitar sounds – that’s a true symbiosis of two instruments gracing you with acoustic versions of pop songs, soul, RnB, ballads or the wonderful interpretations of dance music masterpieces.

World-class entertainment all within your reach.

Perfect for:

  • small concerts
  • receptions
  • trade fairs
  • corporate events
  • incentives
  • lounges


House, EDM. pop and partyyyy: celebrate with Lenny in elegant sexyness

Lenny’s enthusiasm for dancing, her love of house music and for the magical island of Ibiza clearly show in her explosive live performance to a DJ set. This is the perfect set-up for all events where you want your guests to dance and enjoy an extravagant live performance, with limited space where a full live band may not fit.

Perfect for:

  • Nightclubs
  • Sports events
  • Aftershow parties
  • Fair Parties
  • Corporate parties
  • Festivals

Empress (Dance Show)

Electrifying and intoxicating in every fibre. Live vocals paired with fiery and energetic choreography

Singing, dancing and show: this is entertainment in a class of its own. Lenny is a passionate dancer who puts as much heart and soul into her performance as she does into her first-class singing.

Show entertainment for your event: rousing, euphoric and atmospheric. Optionally bookable with several dancers.

Perfect for:

  • Opening parties
  • Nighclubs
  • Exhibition Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Incentives
  • Private parties


Lenny Pojarov and band: Wild, unbridled and full of good vibes

Hardly anything can top a full live band’s drive and hardly anything can surpass the combined energy of five or more professional top-notch musicians. If you’re looking for a great live band with an up to date repertoire to bring great music entertainment to your event, then going with “Let’s Play” is the right choice for you.

Your guests will be sure to remember a night with “Let’s Play” with the finest live music, for a long, long time.
Perfect for:

  • Corporate events
  • Sports events
  • Aftershow parties
  • City festivals
  • Festivals
  • Big concerts

Book Lenny Pojarov for your event

Lenny Pojarov presents her very own sound wherever she can and is a true eye catcher attracting everybody’s attention not only through her music. Her sparkling eyes, the curly mane, her super body with these incredibly long legs ensure that her audience is left with a musical as well as a visual impression. Speaking various languages, Lenny is able to communicate from the heart with her audience from (and conjure up a little special musical surprise here and there!) all over the world.

Lenny Pojarov: the perfect act for every event

In addition to her broad repertoire of the best pop, dance and soul songs, Lenny has an exquisite and excellent Russian repertoire. From a living room concert as a surprise for a loved one to headlining a festival – Lenny & team LP will leave no desire unfulfilled.

Learn more about Lenny’s show formats for your event now!

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